Dear Members and Guests,


While you are lying in your hammock enjoying a glass of lemonade, summer is the time the bees are working in their colonies.  They may be bringing in nectar and/or pollen, water, and even old propolis.  They never take a day off! 

Hopefully, you have your honey supers on and can feel them get heavier and heavier.  


So, while they are busy, we need to take time to repair our frames.  If you need new wire, or you need to tighten the wire you have, or even strengthen your frames or replace eyelets, this meeting will be filled with experienced beekeepers sharing the way they repair frames.  As Dick shows us all the different scenarios of repairs on various frames, feel free to chime in, if you have something to add. Bring a frame you may have issues with.  Even bring a favorite tool you use to make repairs.  

This will help all of us save $$$, and that will help our bottom line. 


Please bring items for the raffle, if you have anything; homemade items, old equipment, bee-loving plants, honey, etc.


Please remember to put a check mark in the June box on the attendance sheets as you come in, and grab your name tag.  


As a member, if you are a member, one of the privileges is responsibilities.  We will be asking for two volunteers to perform our yearly audit.  You will review Richard's (Treasurer) books and be prepared to give a report at the October meeting.  Richard is an excellent bookkeeper, so this shouldn't take too much time. This will be done in September.


Also, Mark (Cal Poly Pomona) is going to setting up a honey-extracting operation there.  He may have a few minutes to fill us in on his plans.  He is asking that we come along side him and participate in funding some of it, along with other clubs.  We are obligated to donate a percentage to an organization.  The Board discussed it, and agreed to bring it before the members, as local investments benefit our members greatly.


Please come early to help set up chairs, if you have time.  Check to see which room we are in.

If you would like to bring any refreshments, you are welcome to do so.


See you at the meeting: 6:30 sharp!




Joan Day