Cities Where Beekeeping is Legal


Nurseries Who Have Packages Of Seeds Specific To Attracting Bees...     

    Blue Hills Nursery - Whittier

    HH Nursery - Lakewood



Bee Books  



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Buying Bees & Queens Locally

   Wildflower Meadows

   Bills Bees


Pesticide Use  Pros and Cons - 


Purchasing Equipment

  LA County Beekeepers       

   LA Honey Co.  1559 Fishburn Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90063        (323) 264-2383

Hive inspection sheet

State Meetings, Local Meetings, Regional Meetings   

Swarm Removal Information    

       Ray Teurman   323-599-6802

      The Bee Guys

      Beecasso Live Bee Removal

      Bee Green Removal Specialists