Beekeepers Association of Southern California

Constitution and Bylaws

Article I – Structure


A.    Official Names- The name of the organization will be the Beekeepers Association of Southern California [BASC].


B.    BASC will operate within the rules and regulations of the State of California.  No member of BASC will personally benefit from BASC revenues.  No assets of the club will be divided among membership.  Two members of the Executive Board must sign all checks over $400.00 and no two members of the same family [defined as related by blood or marriage] will be allowed to serve as check signers on the account at the same time.


C.    The authority on parliamentary procedures for all meetings shall be Robert’s Rules of Order [latest edition] and will be on hand as a reference guide should questions arise as to procedural issues.


D.    No votes will be binding on any business conducted in a meeting without a quorum.  The meeting quorum requirement will be met when 50% +1 of the average attendance by Members in Good Standing during the previous three [3] months are signed in at the current meeting.  The Secretary will provide the organization with the number needed for a quorum and a sign-in sheet to ensure the requirement is met. 


E.    No voting by proxy or absentee ballot is allowed on any issue.


F.    The President will preside over all meetings.  If the President is absent, the Vice President will preside.  If the Vice President cannot attend, it is the President’s responsibility to appoint one of the remaining Board of Directors members to preside over the meeting. 

Article II – Mission Statement


The Beekeepers Association of Southern California is a group of beekeepers and members of the general public interested in beekeeping, who are dedicated to supporting the benefits of bees, by assisting in education in the acquisition and use of proper equipment, techniques, products, and safety that encompass the beekeeping experience; assisting in education and solutions to issues facing beekeeping hobbyists and the commercial industry; fostering a spirit of cooperation between beekeepers, governmental agencies, and the general public; and the preservation of honey bees as a natural resource and an enjoyable experience necessary to the survival of modern society.Article III – Positions and Duties of Elected Officers

A.    Board of Directors


  1. Definition:  The Board or Directors will consist the following members:


    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Member-at-large
    6. Program Chair
    7. Education Chair
    8. BASC Honey Bee Ambassador
    9. Immediate Past President 


2.    The Term of Office shall be based upon the calendar year.  Each position will be for a one-year term beginning and ending at the Annual Year End Event held in December.  The elected member and the person previously in the position [if applicable] will be responsible to coordinate the transition in order to allow the elected member to be effective by the January meeting.  Members of the Board of Directors may run for re-election without restrictions in subsequent years.  


3.    In order to qualify to hold an elected office in the BASC Board of Directors, the individual must be a Member in Good Standing for at least one [1] calendar year prior to the election date and will be based upon when dues were initially paid and officially recorded by the Treasurer. 


4.      Any Member in Good Standing or any one specifically invited to attend the Board of Directors meeting may attend and have a say in the meeting, but will not be permitted to vote.  If a Member in Good Standing desires to attend and speak to the Board, he/she must contact the President of the organization at least 24 hours before the meeting and request to be added to the agenda.  The request shall not be unreasonably denied.


5.  President will be able to comment but will not have a vote on issues that come before the Board except in a tiebreaker.


6.  General Responsibilities of the Board of Directors


a.    The Board of Directors will be responsible to supervise the affairs of BASC in accordance within all local, state, and federal laws and the Mission Statement, Constitution, and Bylaws of the organization and ensure that being a part of the organization is a positive experience for the membership, protect BASC assets, and assure the financial viability of the club’s financial dealings.


b.     It is recommended that there be at least one meeting of the Board of Directors each month.  The Board meeting should be held prior to the regular monthly meeting of the organization.  The meeting can be held in person or through another means that provides the opportunity for planning; timely communication between officers; the setting of agendas and programs, and preliminary approval of all expenditures, fundraising ideas, and amendments to the Bylaws in order to reduce the business portion of the meeting to a reasonable amount of time.


c.    The President or next highest office holder will conduct all meetings according to parliamentary procedures.  The Secretary or designee will keep minutes and provide a summary of actions taken to the General Membership at the regular meeting.  Minutes of the meeting will be included in the monthly newsletter.


d.    For purposes of this section, a quorum will consist of at least five members of the Board of Directors.  In the event that all positions are not filled due to vacancies, quorum will be 50% +1 of the filled positions in order to conduct business. 


7.  Specific responsibilities of the offices shall be as     follows:


a.    President  


1.      The President will provide executive leadership and direction to BASC on the Board of Directors and to the General Membership.      


2.      The President will be responsible for the enforcement of all current and future bylaws, procedures, rules, and regulations as agreed upon by the Board of Directors and/or the General Membership.


3.    The President will preside and maintain order and decorum at all meetings of the Board of Directors, General Membership, and any other special meetings.  


4.    The President will have the power to countersign all drafts, checks, notes, or other papers pertaining to BASC.  If the President and Treasurer are from the same family then the President is specifically excluded from signing checks.  


5.    The President will be responsible to create the agenda for meetings [at least 12 days before the regular meeting date and 7 days for special meetings] and distribute to the Board of Directors for commentary and approval before forwarding to Secretary for disbursement to the General Membership.



b.    Vice President


1.    The Vice President will act and perform the duties of the President in the event of his or her absence, and will perform other duties as requested by the Board of Directors, the President, or the General Membership.  


2.    In the event that the President specifically waives their responsibility as defined above, the Vice President will have the power to sign all drafts and checks, notes, or other papers pertaining to BASC.   If the Vice President is a family member of the President, Treasurer, or Secretary, the Vice President is excluded from signing checks.  


3.    The Vice President will be the liaison between the Board of Directors and any ad hoc committee that is not a part of the Board of Directors and shall report on these committee activities at meetings of the Board. 


c.    Treasurer


1.    The Treasurer will be the custodian of the funds of BASC. The Treasurer will perform all duties as directed by the Board of Directors or the General Membership.  


2.    The Treasurer will have the power to sign all drafts, checks, notes, or other papers pertaining to the finances of BASC.  


3.    The Treasurer will receive revenue and make deposits of BASC funds in a timely manner within one week after receipt.  


4.    The Treasurer will disburse funds when due as directed by the Board of Directors and General Membership according to financial policies established and found in Article VIII of this document. 


5.    All cash revenue and disbursements will be verifiable with proper documentation to support cash flow. 


6.    The Treasurer will prepare a report each month and at the end of the year including banking reconciliations and present those reports to the Board of Directors showing the true financial condition of the organization including assets, liabilities, Accounts receivable and payable, income, and expenses. 


7.    The Treasurer will prepare a summary report for the General Membership meeting.  The General Membership may view the full report upon request to the Treasurer.  


8.    The Treasurer will maintain the official membership list and forward email and postal addresses to the Secretary for disbursement of organization communication.  


9.    The Treasurer will provide a sign in sheet for each meeting of Members in Good Standing, which will be used to monitor when the quorum requirement is met.  Upon conclusion of the meeting, the sign in sheet will be given to the Secretary.


10.    The Treasurer will be responsible for both securing items and running the raffles at each meeting and should be managed in such a way that it is self-sustaining.  Making a reasonable “profit” is acceptable in order to achieve that goal. 


d.    Secretary 


1.    The Secretary will keep the minutes and list of attendees of all meetings, regular and special, and will ensure that all notices are timely and properly distributed per the bylaws and rules of the organization. 


2.    The Secretary will distribute prior meeting minutes, which includes Board of Directors and General Membership minutes, and upcoming meeting notices at least 10 days before [if using postal service] or 7 days before [if emailed] any regular scheduled meeting of the organization.  Special meetings will require 5 days notice either by postmark or electronic media send date and time.


3.    The Secretary will utilize the official membership list from the Treasurer for distribution of information such as minutes, notices, or special events of concern to the membership in a timely manner.  


4.    The Secretary will secure the accurate attendance lists and provide to the Treasurer the number of members needed to make a quorum.   


5.    All correspondence done on behalf of the organization will be subject to review by the Board of Directors before sending to a third party.  To expedite matters, review can be handled through printed or emailed.  


6.    The Secretary will be the custodian of all records related to the organization including a chronological record of all monthly minutes, attendance sign-in sheets, and official BASC correspondence. 


7.    The Secretary will perform duties as directed by the Board of Directors and votes of the General Membership for correspondence concerning official business of the organization. 


e.    Member At Large


1.     The Member At Large will act as a liaison between the membership and the Board of Directors and have a vote on all matters that come before the Board of Directors.  


2.    The Member At Large will actively be the voice of the General Membership during the Board meetings.  While this position does not absolve the other members of the Board of Directors from communication with the membership at large, the organization believes that the Member at Large can provide valuable input and direction in maintaining a focus on the Mission Statement for the organization and servicing the needs of the General Membership.


3.  This position should serve as a stepping-stone for the individuals interested in assisting the club with ideas and problem solving skills but does not desire to be “in charge.” 


  • Program Chair


1.   The Chair will be responsible for assembling a committee to help create a program that meets the organization’s Mission Statement.


2.  The committee will request ideas and develop monthly topics that are of interest to the membership.  This could include guest speakers, demonstrations, or use of audio- visual materials.  The committee is encouraged to collaborate with the Education Chair during the planning process.


3.  The Program Chair is charged with the responsibility to report to the Board of Directors to secure funding and other items needed to run the programs.  Planning is of the essence and timelines for finances and notices found in other areas of the Bylaws need to be considered.


4.  The Program Chair will be responsible to coordinate refreshments for the meetings and Beekeeping 101 class.  



g.  Education Chair


1.  The Education Chair will be charged with the responsibility to stay current on the latest information about beekeeping and report back to the organization.  This could include reading of books, and periodicals, information from research websites, and contact with the California State Beekeeper’s Association and the American Beekeeping Federation.


2.  The Education Chair should coordinate with the Board of Directors and provide ideas and resources to enhance the value of membership in BASC.


3.    The Education Chair will be a resource to the program committee.


h.  BASC Honey Bee Ambassador


1.  The BASC Honey Bee Ambassador will be charged with the responsibility to be a liaison to the community at large.


2.      The Ambassador will activity seek out local opportunities for the organization or members of the organization to provide educational experiences about the benefits of honey and honey bees to our planet and humanity.


3.  The Ambassador will be responsible to report opportunities to the Executive Board for tentative approval [majority 3 of 5 approval by email is acceptable] and then seek volunteers for events, fill out paperwork, secure materials, and manage and/or delegate the event.


4.    The Ambassador will ensure that when revenue-generating opportunities arise in events, that no single member receives any direct financial benefit from the event.  All proceeds from the event will be given to the Treasurer who will deposit the funds into the general account. 


5.      The Ambassador will also act as a historian of the club by collecting and maintaining photos, clippings and other historical information pertaining to the organization.  This information should be used to create an end of year presentation shown at the year-end banquet. 


i.  Immediate Past President


This honorary position on the Board will provide continuity of leadership, knowledge, and advice. 

B.    Impeachment


1.  Any elected officer may be impeached for improper conduct or conduct prejudicial to the welfare of BASC. 


2.    A Petition for Impeachment must be created and signed by ten [10] percent of the Members in Good Standing of BASC and presented to the Board of Directors.   A meeting will be called within thirty [30] days after receipt of the Petition for discussion and vote by the General Membership.  The vote will be by secret ballot and will require two-thirds [2/3] of the voting members in attendance to have the said officer removed from office.

Article IV – Vacancies


A.      If any person on the Board of Directors misses three consecutive board or general meetings [but not a combination of both] over a 90 day period, the remaining members of the Board of Directors shall, if it so decides, to declare the officer’s seat vacant and appoint someone to fill the vacancy.  The appointment will be announced in the monthly mailing and put to a ratification vote at the next regular meeting.


B.      If the President resigns or is otherwise unable to perform his/her job, the Vice President will perform the duties of the office until a new election is held.  


C.      If President vacates the office as mentioned above following the October election and the May meeting, then new elections will be held.  The Secretary will immediately notify all members of the vacancy [printed or emailed] and candidates will be nominated at the next meeting and elections held the following month.  Any Member in Good Standing, who qualifies using criteria established in this document, may run for office.  


D.     If President vacates the office as mentioned above after the May meeting adjourns, the Vice President will perform the duties of the President for the remainder of the term.  


E.     If any other officer on the Board of Directors resigns or is otherwise unable to perform his/her duties or changes positions to fill a vacancy and thereby creates another, the remaining members of the Board of Directors will meet and appoint someone to fill any vacancies created by the process.  The appointments will be announced in the monthly mailing and will be put to a ratification vote at the next regular meeting. 


Article V – Ad Hoc Committees


A.     The President will seek volunteers for appointment to leadership positions of various Ad Hoc committees that are needed from time to time to meet the Mission Statement of the organization.


B.    Although not inclusive, some examples of Standing Ad Hoc Committees are the LA County Fair, Nominations/ Elections, Audit, and Year End Banquet.  The President or Board of Directors will establish sufficient other committees to meet the organization’s needs and build camaraderie and collegiality.  All Ad Hoc Committee Chairs are required to give regular progress reports to the Executive Board and the General Membership.


1. LA County Fair - Coordinates an equitable arrangement with the Los Angeles County Beekeeper’s Association concerning the educational booth at the fairgrounds.  Duties include, but are not limited to, keeping BASC informed as to needs for staffing and supplies before, during, and after the fair; monitoring the scheduling and protection for the split of profits at end of fair; helping to coordinate the set-up, maintenance, and tear down of the booth; and any other item that needs addressing in order to maximize the fundraising opportunity for the organization.


2.  Nominations and Elections – There will be three people on the committee and none may be a candidate for any office.  Beginning work in August, this committee seeks nominations for leadership in the club and then helps to run the elections during October.  This committee will work to solicit individuals for all leadership positions and assist in the coordination of an informational handout on all candidates for office to be made available to the General Membership at the September meeting.  During October elections, this committee will be responsible to be a non-partisan group that runs the election, counts ballots, and reports on results.  


3. Audit Committee – This committee will consist of two members at large and the Treasurer.  The committee will review all cash revenues and disbursements of the organization and report back to the organization within 60 days of the end of the calendar year.  


C.     Leaders of the committees are encouraged to seek support from other members of the organization for assistance in meeting the objective of the committee. 

Article VI – Membership


A.     Membership shall be open to all persons who have an interest in beekeeping.


B.    Prospective members may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, attend meetings, activities, and/ or request to receive a copy of the electronic newsletter for up to three [3] months without becoming a member.  If prospective member shall attend a meeting or activity in which members pay a fee or joined the organization in order to participate, the prospective member shall also pay the fee or join.


C.    Membership in the organization is contingent upon complying with the requirements set forth in this Constitution and Bylaws including, but not limited to, payment of the annual dues and adhering to the rules and regulations as set in this document.  Upon receipt of dues, the Treasurer shall make sure that each membership receive and sign for a copy of the most current BASC Constitution and Bylaws.  In the event that no changes are made to this document from the prior year, renewing members do not need to be provided another copy.


D.    Applications for membership in BASC shall be available at every meeting and activity.


E.    The annual dues shall be due and payable on January 1st of each year.  There is no provision made for partial or pro-rated dues.  Until paid, the General Membership may vote to suspend voting privileges of those members in arrears.


F.    Dues must be paid by March 1st to avoid suspension of membership privileges.  If suspended, payment of dues will result in immediate reinstatement in the organization with full rights and privileges.


G.    As the current meeting day falls on the 4th Thursday of each month, there are no meetings in November and December, which results in minimal benefit to the new applicant.  Therefore, in the event that a prospective member chooses to join in the last quarter of the calendar year [October 1 – December 31] then any dues paid shall apply not only the remainder of the current year but also to the following year.  


H.    Payment of dues and attendance at meetings shall entitle the member to be regarded as a Member in Good Standing with the right to vote on all issues that come before the organization except for the following limitations:


1.  For purposes of elections, Bylaws Amendments, and expenditures of club funds over $400, persons who have not been Members in Good Standing for at least four [4] consecutive regular meetings in a calendar year may not vote on these specific issue[s]. The Board of Directors shall create a method and procedure for monitoring and executing voting privileges.  


2.  Members in Good Standing may participate in all activities of the organization with the understanding that from time to time the organization may choose to have activities that have an additional fee above and beyond the basic dues amount in order to attend or participate. No entitlement to attend the activity without payment of the additional fee is granted by the basic membership dues.  


I.    The following categories shall be used to describe the various types of basic membership.


1.    Individual memberships shall apply to persons over the age of 18.  Individual members shall have one [1] vote.


  1. Family Memberships shall apply to two [2] persons over the age of 18 and any children or minors age 17 or younger living in the same household.  Family Memberships shall be entitled to two [2] votes provided that both persons are over the age of 18 and are in attendance at the meeting. Voting by proxy is not permitted.  Children over the age of 18 must have their own membership.


  1. Corporate Sponsors shall apply to a company that chooses to participate in the organization.  No vote is granted with payment of membership dues.  Corporate Sponsors will be provided limited access to members of the organization by requesting to be placed on the agenda and formally present to the membership once a year, set up a display at meetings and activities [where appropriate] to encourage patronage of their business, inclusion in the organization monthly newsletter to promote their business, and inclusion on the organization website.  The Corporate Sponsor shall be responsible for any costs associated with creating ads, set up and tear down of displays, and any promotional or other materials used to increase patronage.  No entitlement is granted to Corporate Sponsors to acquire any personal information on any member[s] of the organization.  


J.    The dues structure shall be as follows:


  1. Individual- Age 18 and older -  $12.00 per year


  1. Family- Two adults plus any minors 17 years or younger - $18.00 per year


  1. Corporate - $30.00 per year 


K.    The Executive Board shall, from time to time, make recommendations to adjust the annual membership dues to reflect a sound fiscal policy to ensure survival of the organization which shall be based upon the general funds needs for the club, including but not limited to, insurance, membership in the state and national beekeeping organizations, supplies, and other items which the Executive Board believes enhances the club experience.  The Executive Board shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors and then to the General Membership for ratification. Future changes to the dues structure shall be made as an amendment to Article IV Section 10 [a], [b], and/or [c] and do not change any other provision of the document.


L.    The Treasurer shall forward to the Secretary, at least monthly, a list of current Members in Good Standing.  If no changes to membership occurred, then the Secretary shall use the previous list.


M.    Information on club members including but not limited to information gathered during the application or renewal process shall be keep in the strictest confidence.  No right is granted to anyone to utilize the mailing list [printed or electronic] for communication to others unless specifically granted by the Executive Board.  Any communication from the organization shall either be addressed personally to the member or must have used built in security measures [such as the email designation BCC <Blind Carbon Copy>] to protect the integrity and value of the list and personal privacy.  The organization reserves the right to revoke membership to those members violated this provision.


N.    In order to further provide value to membership, the Executive Board shall ensure that non-members are not permitted to vote, receive communications such as the organization newsletter or activity invitations, and that club activities shall be limited to Members in Good Standing unless specifically noted above in Article VI Section 2 or is waived through a vote by the General Membership on a case by case basis.


O.    Once paid, dues are non-refundable.  In the event resignation or suspension from the organization occurs for whatever reason, the former still applies. 


P.  New dues structure shall take effect 60 days after the ratification of this constitution and bylaws.

Article VII – Meetings


  1. To ensure that the Beekeeper’s Association of Southern California [BASC] remains a fun, relaxed, and respectful organization, the following Code of Conduct will apply to all members at all times.  BASC understands that member’s opinions can vary to a high degree and encourages any point of view to be freely expressed by anyone; however, slander, acts of malicious intent, physical threats, unreasonable intrusion into someone’s personal space, libel, or any other defamation of character will not be tolerated at any time and can be grounds for expulsion from the organization. 


  1. For purposes of proper communication and notification, the following procedures must be followed:


1.  Regular meetings – At least seven [7] days [ten <10> if by postal service] prior to the meeting, the Secretary will notify all persons on the official mailing lists about the date, time, and location of the meeting.  Said communication will include a copy of the minutes of the last regular meeting.


2.  Special Meetings – At least five [5] days prior to the meeting, the Secretary will notify all persons on the official mailing list about the date, time, and location, and the purpose of the meeting. 


  1. There will be ten [10] regular monthly meetings held each year from January to October.  The meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday of each month at an announced location and time.  At present, the meetings begin at 6:30 pm and are held at the La Mirada Community Center. Meeting days, times, and location may be changed by a majority vote of the general membership. 


  1. Regular meetings may be dispensed with for special events or for other good cause by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. 


  1. The Board of Directors may call a special meeting if deemed necessary to the benefit of the organization.  Members must be notified via printed or email no later than 5 calendar days before the meeting.  Notice will include date, time, and location for the special meeting.  When possible, posting on the BASC website is recommended.


  1. On any issue, which comes before the general membership, a simple majority [50% + 1] vote shall decide the issue.  The President will vote on issues only as a tiebreaker. 


  1. The General Membership reserves the right to overrule any action of the Board of Directors through motion, discussion, and by a majority vote of the Members in Good Standing present at the meeting. 


H.  The order of business/ agenda for the meetings should follow this recommended order.


1.    Sign –In

2.    Call to Order[30 minutes suggested for business meeting]

3.     Pledge of Allegiance

4.    Secretary will present minutes from previous Executive Board, Board of Directors, and General Meetings for approval as presented or amended.

5.        Treasurer will give the monthly report and present any other     pertinent information including motions for expenditures as required     by Bylaws

6.        Vice President will present a report as needed

7.        Program Chair will present report as needed

8.        Education Chair will present report as needed

9.        BASC Honey Bee Ambassador will present report as needed

10.      Review of old business

11.      Introduction of new business

12.      President will present a report regarding upcoming activities and other pertinent announcements including the date, time, and location of the next meeting

13.      President will motion for adjournment of the business portion of the meeting.

14.  10 minute snack break/ set program

15.  Program – Educational Topic and/or speakers[60 minutes]

16.  Open Session [balance of time remaining]


I.  A copy of the current Constitution and Bylaws will be easily accessible to persons attending the meeting.  It is suggested that a set location be established to create continuity.  Members may request an electronic version of the Constitution and Bylaws either through email or by downloading from the BASC website.


Article VIII – Financial Matters


    A.  Approval for Disbursements


1.  Disbursements of $200 or less will be considered discretionary funds for Board of Directors members to handle the day-to-day items that affect the organization from time to time.  Board Members may request that the amount of $200 be set aside for their discretionary budget.  Upon turning in receipts for those expenditures that will be reported to the General Membership by the Treasurer during his/her report, Board members may request that another amount up to $200 be set aside to cover additional expenses associated with completing business on behalf of BASC during his/her term of office. This includes items such as postage, meeting refreshments, etc.   The General Membership may vote for or against the disbursement of funds not authorized.


 2.    Disbursements of over $200.00 but less than $400.00 shall be voted upon by the Board of Directors and if a majority approve the expenditure [based upon a majority number of offices filled during said vote] than the Treasurer will be directed to disburse the funds.  These expenditures have historically been for speaker fees, deposits to secure or fund activities, insurance, etc.  The Treasurer shall report such expenditures to the organization at the next meeting.  For purposes of this section only due to a potential conflict with Article VII Section G, the General Membership will not be empowered to reverse the expenditure if funds have already been disbursed.  


3.    Disbursements of over $400 shall be voted upon by the Members in Good Standing.  If approved, the Treasurer will be directed to disburse the funds.


B.  Honorariums - The organization recognizes that from time to time situations will arise that result in a need to honor a person or event.  As such, upon approval by the General Membership, the Treasurer will be directed to send an honorarium of $50.00 to one of the California State Beekeeper’s Association’s [CSBA] causes or a bee research facility such as the Harry Laidlaw Foundation at UC Davis in their name or the name of the event.  Under no circumstances shall funds go directly to an individual in these circumstances as that is in conflict with our Mission.  


C.  Revenue Generating Activities


1.    From time to time, the organization or members of the organization will participate in events as representatives of BASC that will generate revenue for the organization.


2.    As a representative of BASC, individual members will dress professionally and are forbidden to compete financially with the organization at these events, such as bringing items for sale that directly benefit individual member[s] for personal profit at the event.  While it is acceptable for volunteers in the booth to distribute business cards for bee removal or other services, members may not bring products that are sold or given away to the public.  These products could present a liability [whether known or unknown] to the organization and will therefore not be tolerated.  Individuals found in violation may be brought to the organization for disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.


3.  For purposes of these activities, it is recommended that BASC acquire items from local reliable sources certified by County Health Departments in order to reduce liability. 


3.    While there is nothing stopping a member from securing his or her own booth at local community events where the BASC organization is participating, it is discouraged as a conflict of interest.


D.  Donations to Bee Research – BASC will allocate and donate a minimum of 10% of all revenues above dues collected to Bee Research.



Article IX – Elections


A.  The Nominating and Elections committee shall handle the election procedure as described above.  During the election process, the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall be in charge of the meeting.  Upon end of the process, the current President shall resume control of the meeting.


B.  All officers on the Executive Board and the Board of Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of Members in Good Standing who qualify to vote under Article VI Sec H. 1.


C.  The Secretary shall collect and publish statements from the candidates in order to provide the electorate an opportunity to make a more informed decision as to future leadership.


D.     Voting shall take place at the October meeting on an office-by-office basis starting with the office of the President and running sequentially through the offices as listed above.  If an individual running for an office does not win in the election, then the individual may run for a subsequent office by nominating themselves prior to the start of the next election.  


E.  The Secretary shall prepare a ballot based on the known candidates prior to the October election. 


F.  All elections shall be by secret ballot unless it is apparent that only one individual is running for the office.  In that specific case, the General Membership may vote either by voice or by a show of hands.


G.    In the event that no individual steps for to run for an office, the President may appoint a person to fill that position until someone steps forward to officially run for office.  Such appointments shall be brought to the General Membership for ratification.


H.  If any election for any office shall have multiple candidates and no candidate has a clear majority based on the quorum process, then as many ballots as required will be held until the election is decided.  On each subsequent ballot, the candidate with the least amount of votes shall be deleted and the next vote shall be between the remaining candidates until a winner is decided.


Article X – Amendments


A.  All Proposals to amend all or part of this Constitution and Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to a member of the Executive Board who shall forward a copy to the Secretary.


B.  The Secretary shall ensure that the proper notification including the wording and rationale for the amendment is communicated to the General Membership.  


C.  These Bylaws may be amended at a meeting of the General Membership or a special meeting called for that purpose.  The Bylaws can be amended by a majority vote of Members in Good Standing at the meeting provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been listed/added to the agenda [such listing may not be unreasonably withheld]. 


D.     If the proposed amendment is received outside of official meeting times, the proposed amendment shall be read into the minutes and then discussed at the next regular meeting of the General Membership and voted on during the following meeting.


E.  Any Member in Good Standing may present a proposed amendment to the Bylaws for consideration by the General Membership. 


F.    Adoption of any proposed amendments requires a quorum be met and that a two-thirds [2/3] majority approve the amendment.


Article XI – Dissolution


BASC shall continue to exist until dissolved by a three-fourth’s [3/4] majority of all Members in Good Standing present at a special meeting called for that purpose.  A quorum must be met based upon the average meeting attendance as described above.  The Secretary is directed to provide written notice [printed or emailed] which must be given to all current members at least thirty [30] days in advance of said meeting. At any time after dissolution is approved, physical assets will be auctioned off and proceeds given to the Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall settle all outstanding debts of the club and upon final dissolution, the Treasurer is directed to send all remaining monetary assets of the club as a donation to one of the California State Beekeeper’s Association’s [CSBA] causes or a bee research facility such as the Harry Laidlaw Foundation at UC Davis.  Under no circumstances will any individual member receive direct benefits from the dissolution.



This Constitution and Bylaws shall replace all prior documents used by the Beekeeper’s Association of Southern California.


This Constitution and Bylaws was approved at a meeting of the General Membership of the Beekeeper’s Association of Southern California [BASC] on this _____ day of ________ 2010.  




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